Saturday, June 19, 2010

Barton apologized for his apology to BP

President Obama and his Chicago thugs extorted $20 billion dollars from BP (British Petroleum) due to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico on the oil rig Deep Water Horizon.

The $20 billion will be used by the regime to compensate fellow Democrats and payback to the unions for their support of Democratic politicians and President Obama.

During a Congressional hearing with BP’s Tony Hayward in front of the committee, Republican Representative Joe Barton from Texas, apologized to Mr. Hayward for the Obama regime shakedown.

Immediately afterwards Democrats criticize Representative Barton, and many Republicans joined in the bashing. Democrats historically circle the wagons when one of their own soil their skivvies. While at the same time Republicans throw overboard any of their party with any misgivings.

Worst part, BP went along with the Obama regimes extortion and did not get in return immunity from law suits. Not only is BP out the $20 billion contribution to the Obama slush fund, they are now also libel for the crippling law suits headed their way.

Remember come the elections this November 2, 2010, know better as Free America Day, we get to throw these bums out.

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