Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cold War espionage in the 21st century

The Federal Bureau of Investigation – FBI, broke up a Russian spy ring operating in the United States (USA). The members of the spy ring were long-term, deep-cover Russian spy arrested on the East Coast, per the Justice Department.

They were accused of seeking to infiltrate USA policy making circles, conspiring to act as illegal Russian agents, and money laundering.
A week earlier Russian President Dmitry Medvedev visited President Obama in Washington, DC and visited a Washington area hamburger joint. While the arrest were being made Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin met with ex-rated President Bill Clinton outside Moscow. Putin joked about police in America being out of control and throwing people in jail. Meaning the spies that were caught.

The red menace commies did not disappear in the 20th century when the Evil Empire collapsed. They are alive a well on the march to collapse the West. However these arrested Russian spies were a bit too late. Home grown American commies have already infiltrated and taken over Hollywood, popular culture, academia, public schools, unions, the news media, and the Obama regime staff.

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Are we going back to the future?

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