Sunday, June 6, 2010

Greenpeace, blue fin tuna, the comedy show

GreenPeace tried to pull a Sea Shepherd on the French, but the French were not aware of the rules of the game and did not treat GreenPeace as kindly the Japanese treat Sea Shepherd.

French fishermen are in the Mediterranean Sea catching blue fin tuna. This is being done under the watchful eye of the French Navy in accordance with international agreements on fishing for blue fin tuna. There is a quota and only permitted for a 30 day period in the Mediterranean.

Arriving on the scene are the girly men, no not Sea Shepherd, but GreenPeace. Remember Sea Shepherd is a spin off of GreenPeace. Meaning they are of the same ilk, busy-body cowards, girly men.

The French patrol boat radioed GreenPeace the fishing vessels were legal, GreenPeace ignored. Instead they attempted to stop the fishermen and were met with deserving hostility.

Off Malta, a Greenpeace a dingy attempted to free tuna caught in the nets. Several boats surrounded Greenpeace zodiacs – dingy. The fishermen also fired flare guns at Greenpeace helicopter.

The fishermen threw a grappling hook at the Greenpeace dinghy and pierced the left leg of a GreenPeace instigator who tried to lower the side of a purse seine net with sand bags to free the fish.

Fishermen used grappling hook to pull boat close to theirs then began beating Greenpeace with sticks. Two Greenpeace dingy were sunk when their rubber sides were torn after being poked by the fishermen’s knives.

FMAP said of Greenpeace “they sought confrontation and got the confrontation they wanted”

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Video Greenpeace and blue fin tuna joke

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