Saturday, June 12, 2010

China hacks computers and the American news media attempts to cover for ...

Video posted on PropagandaBuster's YouTube channel April 20, 2009

In Canada, researchers at the Munk Center for International Studies at the University of Toronto, discovered that computers in 103 nations have been hacked by computers in China, the Middle Kingdom (communist). The news article responsible for this video appeared in The Dallas Morning News, reprinted from The New York Times (an extreme left-wing, commie loving rag).

In the first column of the article it reads, “…but they cautioned against concluding that the Chinese government is involved.”

Then in the last column it is reported that the Dalai Lama’s office sent an invitation to a foreign diplomat. Then the Chinese government telephoned the diplomat discouraging acceptance of the invitation. Column one refutes the Chinese government involvement, while column three illustrates the Chinese government involvement.

Such is the nature of the slanted, biased news media in the United States of America (USA). Can you say, “Pravda?”

As Senator Joe McCarthy use to ask, “are you or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party,” should be asked of the American news media.

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