Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Heretic Nancy Pelosi invited to a Catholic Conference

The Roman Catholic Church in the United States of America held a conference in Washington, DC. The conference was held for the nation’s bishops, arch-bishops, and cardinals, the princes of the church.

Apparently invited to speak to this prestigious body was that heretic, Democrat Speaker of the House from San Francisco Nancy Pelosi. Mrs. Pelosi, who attended Catholic elementary school, Catholic high school, and Catholic university, is an avid supporter of abortion.

Abortion is considered by the Catholic Church to be wrong and continually urges parishioners to do what is legal to bring an end to abortion. So these princes of the church invite to join them one of the chief advocates for abortion. She was invited not so they could admonish her for betraying her Catholic upbringing. No, Mrs. Pelosi was invited to lecture the Church on their responsibility to enable illegal immigration.

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