Friday, August 29, 2014

Solar fried birds from environmentalist

Solar fried birds from environmentalist

A solar plant in the Mojave Desert is responsible for frying birds while in flight.  The solar farm is operated by BrightSource Energy.  The birds fly into the sun rays relayed from the solar panel to the power towers.  This causes the birds to be fried, incinerated.  The birds instantly are zapped, start smoking, and fall to the ground.  They are called “streamers.” 

Animal rights groups are concerned the environmentalist are eliminating an estimated 28,000 birds a year.  

Perhaps the solar energy company should initiate a fast food franchise promoting “environmentally fried birds.”

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Bird of Paradise said...

Solar Pannels and Windturbines not good for the birds lets deep fry the tree huggers nut berry muffins for them and deep fry the spotted owls as well