Friday, August 29, 2014

Sea Shepherd’s toilet paper caper in the Faroe Islands

Sea Shepherd’s toilet paper caper in the 
Faroe Islands

The clowns of that cult group, the floating circus Sea Shepherd are in the Faroe Islands performing magic tricks making things disappear.

On the ferry from Denmark to the Faroe Islands the circus clowns demonstrated how to make food disappear.  Another group of circus clowns wowed the folks in a small convience store in the Faroe Islands by make bottles of beer disappear. 

The mayor of the village Sandur in the Faroe Islands placed a notice on a public toilet there that reads:

Donate to Sea Shepherd

This building with all its facilities is property of the village of Sanur.

All locals and visitors to the Island of Sandoy may use these facilities.

However, supporters of and people connected to the organization of Sea Shepherd are NOT welcome to use the facilities, provided by the village of Sandur.”

This was made necessary because of reports claiming the clowns of the floating circus were stealing toilet paper out of the facility.  Another magic act.

All this and where is Don Corleone Watson?  
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Sign for Sea Shepherd in the Faroe Islands

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