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Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson’s book, part two

Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson’s book, 
part two

Writings of a dangerous man, Watson’s book.

Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson wrote a book published 1993 titled “Earthforce.”  This is an interesting read into the mind of a man riddled with hallucinations, filled with self-aggrandizement, and just a dangerous person.

The book was sent to me by a friend named Ady Gil.  Below in part are some of Watson’s disturbed writings in the book:

Link to first video concerning the book:
This video is to highlight three portions of the work worth expanding upon.  They reveal a man who advocates anti-social behavior and breaking the law. 
On the following page:
Page 43. "If you do not know an answer, a fact, a statistic, then simply follow the example of an American President, and do as Ronald Raegan did - make it up on the spot and deliver the information confidently and without hesitation.
Comment:  Here Mr. Watson supports telling lies.  That has been evident in many of his writings, interviews, and diatribes.  Reality and truth have no place in this cult and he admits it in this book. 

 Page 96:  "To kill with explosives intentionally is cowardly and can seldom be justified within the strategy of a warrior serving the Earth.  However if it is the only defense available, it should be carefully prepared and executed with extreme efficiency."

 Comment:  All though he opens with it is wrong to kill, he concludes it is okay if that is the only “defense.”  A normal person would have written “killing or murder is never an option in the advancement of our cause / mission.” Only a dangerous man would attempt to justify its use no matter how limited.
Page 108: "The fireworks strategy.  If you can't achieve your aims through facts, then baffle your opposition with bullshit.  Deceive with dazzling dramatics, fabricate fantasies fired forth with flair and shower your targets with flamboyance and fiery rhetoric.  Give the public a circus and contain your message within.  Educate through the media of entertainment.  Exploit existing myths and create your own myths and legends. 
Comment: Here in 1993 Watson urges to “give the public a circus.”  Then some nineteen years later Oli Breckmann of the Faroe Islands labels the cult group a “floating circus.”  That is exactly what Watson called for in his book..
Oli Breckman of the Faroe Islands labeling Sea Shepherd as a “floating circus:”
His Excellency pope Paul the Watson in this his 1993 book reveals the thoughts of a pathetic, and dangerous man.  Parents should prevent their children from joining his cult as it is led by a man who cares nothing for their well-being. 

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