Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Chinese commies murder Muslims in East Turkistan / Xinjiang

Chinese commies murder Muslims in 
East Turkistan / Xinjiang

The Chinese communist authorities murdered nearly 100 Uighurs (Uyghur) in East Turkistan (Xinjiang).  The authorities claim they were murdered to suppress terrorism.  Foreign correspondents have been restricted from entering the region.  Meaning no independent confirmation on exactly what happened.  Also meaning the communist authorities has something to hide.  Most likely they are hiding the blood thirsty rampage by the police / military.

It is thought the Muslim Uighurs gathered to peacefully protest the further suppression of their culture, religion by authorities.  This protest gave the authorities an opportunity to create a blood bath as it is well documented the murderous activities of the communist in China.  Forbidding foreign journalist does nothing to add credibility to the version from the authorities. 

An independent witness wrote a group of Muslim women gathered in a home to pray when the Chinese police burst in and started murdering everyone in the home.     

Eyewitness account of the murdering committed by commie authorities:

Commie control over news from East Turkistan / Xinjiang:

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