Sunday, August 17, 2014

Okinawa Professional protesters

Okinawa Professional protesters 

Okinawa, Japan has a number of United States military bases since the end of World War Two.  Currently these bases serve as a deterrent to the aggressive behavior of the communist in Beijing, and  serving to protect both Japan and the USA.

Currently in Okinawa there are a number of people who protest daily at two United States Marine bases.  They want the bases closed and the USA out of Okinawa.  Recently the group was infiltrated by a patriotic Okinawan who appreciates the bases.  He discovered these protesters are actually professional protesters because they are paid by “people in China.” 

It was said they people in China who support their anti-American activity do so in the interest of peace.  Peace?  Is Okinawa involved in a conflict?  Are the U.S.A. Marines stationed in Okinawa actively participating in a conflict? What peace?  Most likely they meant “piece,” not “peace.” 

Because the communist in Beijing also want “piece.”  A piece of the Philippines, a piece of Japan, a piece of Vietnam, a piece of Taiwan, and a piece of any other territory they can aggressively acquire.  These leftists in Okinawa accepting the money are being exploited and are basically “useful idiots” as coined by various communist ideologues.                

It was also discovered a number of these professional ant-American protesters are retired school teachers.  How scary is that to know these leftist were influencing young minds.     

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