Monday, August 11, 2014

Representative Democracy in the USA PERSONA NON GRATA

Representative Democracy in the USA PERSONA NON GRATA

Webster defines “Persona non grata” as: personally unacceptable or unwelcomed. 

Many people in the USA are delusional with the illusion of a representative democracy.  Sure the nation was founded as a representative democracy.  However over the years Congress has allowed that governing concept to go the way of the buggy whip. 

The United States Congress has acquiesced / forfeited their Constitutional legislative authority over to bureaucrats in Federal agencies.  Unelected bureaucrats make laws and dictate to states without any Congressional approval and seem to be void of any oversight.

Recently bureaucrats at the EPA – Environmental Protection Agency issued rules (basically they wrote laws as it has the same weight) requiring the whole state of Texas to meet certain emission levels by a given date.  These rules / laws written by unelected bureaucrats supersede any laws or actions by elected representatives in Texas.

Representative democracy is a sham thanks to an absent Congress, aggressive bureaucrats, and activists Federal judges.  These judges no longer interpret law, but make laws from the bench.     

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