Friday, August 29, 2014

Pope Francis in South Korea, where’s the apology?

Pope Francis in South Korea, 
where’s the apology?

Roman Catholic Pope Francis made a trip to South Korea.  His Holiness was greeted at the airport in Seoul, South Korea by South Korean President Park Geun hye.  If President Park repeats her past behavior when meeting other heads of state by regurgitating the Comfort Women issue , perhaps she will assault the Pople with is worn-out topic.

President Park continues to insist Japan be in touch with it’s history and apologize for the Comfort Women issue.  Looking for a little consistency, will President Park be apologizing to Pope Francis?

During the 1800’s around 10,000 Roman Catholics were murdered by the Korean government, the Joseon Dynasty.  Can the Pope expect an apology for this slaughter?   If such an apology comes from President Park, Pope Francis will accept the apology as oppose to President Park and her minions who claim Japan’s apology was not sincere enough. 

The Japanese government already apologized concerning the Comfort Women issue now it is time for South Korea’s president to demonstrate consistency and do the same to Pope Francis over the 10,000 Roman Catholics murdered.   

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