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Watson a Sea Shepherd liability

Watson a Sea Shepherd liability

His Excellency pope Paul the Watson once again is proving more of a liability rather than an asset to Sea Shepherd.  Recently a lawsuit was filed in a California court a civil RICO complaint against Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and Paul Watson on August 6, 2014.  This man has cost and is still costing Sea Shepherd a king’s ransom in legal fees resulting from the numerous lawsuits he attracts.  Speculation is it is only a matter of time before the dead weight he represents will be thrown overboard. 

It is amusing the RICO (R. I. C. O. – Racketeer Influenced and Corruption Organizations Act) was used.  The RICO Act was enacted to combat organized crime.  Does this mean Sea Shepherd / Paul Watson is being accused of operating an organized crime family or behaving as one?

The lawsuit was filed by Mr. Ady Gil and some previous Sea Shepherd donors.  The lawsuit claims Watson and Sea Shepherd "lied to the world" concerning how the MY Ady Gil sank, so they (Sea Shepherd) could seek more donations and use the money "for their own gain."

The claim is Sea Shepherd and Watson raised money to replace the abandoned Ady Gil but never used that money for that stated purpose. 

Background on the issue of the vessel Ady Gil with Mr. Ady Gil, Sea Shepherd, and Paul Watson:

The trimaran MY Ady Gil (formerly Earthrace) collided with the Japanese vessel the Shonan Maru 2 on January 6, 2010.  The vessel did not belong to Sea Shepherd; it was charted to them by Mr. Ady Gil.  It is curious to note here an insider stated Sea Shepherd is suing the Japanese whalers for 3 million dollars for a vessel they did not own.  Huh?    

When the MY Ady Gil collided with the Japanese vessel causing damage to the hull, according to Peter Bethune (former member of Sea Shepherd and skipper of the MY Ady Gil) the damaged vessel was released from being towed.  According to experts the vessel could have been repaired.  However his Excellency did not want to keep towing the damaged vessel causing the Steve Irwin to slow down in pursuit of the Japanese whaling fleet.  

Per the recent lawsuit the MY ADY GIL was worth more to Sea Shepherd sunk rather than in port being repaired. 

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Credits:  thank you to all who donate and support Sea Shepherd.  This extraction of money provides a wealth of material for these videos.  Thank you also to Sea Shepherd’s former / current members and or former / current insiders for providing the sordid details of this group.  

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