Tuesday, August 5, 2014

U.S. coal shipped overseas causing global warming?

U.S. coal shipped overseas causing 
global warming?

When President Obama was Senator Obama running to be president of these here United States he stated his goal was to bankrupt the coal industry.  Please view the below link, he makes that statement near the 2:17 mark: 

Under the President’s regime the Environmental Protection Agency – EPA, proposed new regulations which would cost the coal-fired power plants billions of dollars to comply with in keeping with the President’s promise to bankrupt them.

What the president and the academics in his regime refuse to accept:  the USA needs electricity and do not eliminate one source without having in place the replacement.  Their goal is the continued decline of the economy and this is proof.

The majority of electricity produced in the USA comes from coal fired power plants.  With summer arriving and air conditioners run full speed, thanks to President Obama and them thar Democrats the cost for electricity will rise.   Thank you Mr. President and them thar Democrats!

Do you think the coal is remaining in the ground now and not contributing to so-called man-made global warming?  Not so fast, because that coal is being exported to nations around the global.  Many of these nations do not have the extensive pollution controls on their coal fired electric plants as the USA has.  Meaning as an example:  one hundred tons of coal burned in the U.S.A. to produce electric emits less pollution in the air as oppose to that same coal being burned in China, India, Egypt, and many other nations.

It can be reasonably deduced the Obama regime’s rules to curb coal use in the USA has nothing to do with the environment as much as it has to do with hurting the economy.  That is what you get when you vote for a Democrat, anti-capitalist regulations aimed as shrinking the economy.      

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