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New Zealand politically correct - how sad is that?

New Zealand politically correct - 
how sad is that?

People in countries other than the USA, beware of American style liberalism as it will destroy your nation as it did the USA.  Perhaps New Zealand needs to heed this warning.  

An article appearing in The Dallas Morning News from the Associated Press explores political correctness in New Zealand in reference to an election campaign taking place in the Kiwi nation.  Mr. Winston Peters from the New Zealand First Party, noted for their anti-illegal immigrant posture was critical of the government allowing foreigners from China to purchase land.  Mr. Peters was quoted as saying “As they say in Beijing, two Wongs don’t make a white.” 

As a result he was accused of making a racially charged comment.  Really?  Are people that wound up that a harmless joke about a name is reason to be critical?  Mr. Peters later related that joke was told to him by a Chinese gentleman in China.  So if the Chinese can tell that joke why is Mr. Peters being criticized?

His concern about Chinese purchasing land in New Zealand has nothing to do with it because they are Chinese.  It is rooted in the fear of what dubious plans the Communist in Beijing have for that land?  Same concerns are found throughout the USA also.  If there was no Communist government in Beijing, odds are Mr. Peters and others would not be concerned about Chinese purchasing land in New Zealand.

Remember this; if his comment was anti-Chinese it does not make it a racist comment because “Chinese” is not a race.   

Mr. Steve Gibson a candidate for the Labour Party posted on Facebook a description “Shonky Jonkey Shylock…..” in reference to his opponent.  He was criticized as being anti-Semitic for using the word “Shylock.”  Really?  The word “shylock” in the USA has been used as a euphemism for someone not to borrow money from because of the extremely high interest and questionable behavior.

The accusation of “shylock” being anti-Semitic is being extracted from a play written anywhere between 1596 and 1598 by William Shakespeare titled “The Merchant of Venice.”  The play references “Shylock” as a Jewish moneylender.  If the reference in the play was meant to be anti-Semitic, the term no longer resembles its supposed original intent.  That word over the centuries has evolved to meaning a cruel moneylender totally void of any anti-Semitic overtones or undertones.

In the late 1800’s in the USA if one had a “gay” time, it meant having fun and being happy.  In 21st century America “gay” is in reference to sexuality. 

New Zealand if you want to cleanse your nation of racism or anti-Semitism first rid your nation of American style liberalism with its political correctness.  Because in the underbelly of that political correctness lies racism and anti-Semitism as a tool to silence opponents.          

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