Friday, August 29, 2014

Sleep in the Faroe Islands

Sleep in the Faroe Islands

The floating circus of Sea Shepherd has their minions in the Faroe Islands.  While in the Faroe Islands Ali Watson (play on “Ali Baba and his 40 thieves”) and his minions are in the Faroe Islands they are bragging no whales have been slaughter since they are there and while they remain. 

They claim they are willing to forfeit their lives and freedoms to save the whales.  However they did not offer to forfeit their sleep.  Five whales beached in the Faroe Islands.  Upon discovering the beached whales the residents proceeded to harvest the free food.  The whales were dead however the good people severed the whale’s spinal cord causing immediate death in case any were still alive.  When the sleeping clowns awoke they saw the scene and notified other clowns.

The floating circus floated in one of their floating tents where Sea Shepherd claimed they then videoed and photographed the whale harvesting.  So?  Is that going to make the five dead whales feel better?  Why were the clowns sleeping in the automobile?  Does that mean Sea Shepherd is not providing accommodations?  Where is all the money going from suckers who donate to Sea Shepherd’s Grindstop 2014?

Now the clowns cannot claim no whales were slaughtered while they were in the Faroes Islands because the clowns slept.        

All this and where is Don Corleone Watson? 

Here is the link to Sea Shepherd’s website where you can donate money.  Please give until it hurts so the rest of us can hurt while laughing:
Link to Texas Daddy store:         

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