Friday, August 1, 2014

Fast Food Workers: money for Unions our goal

Fast Food Workers: money for Unions our goal

Fast food workers in many U.S. cities are protesting for higher wages.  They are basically asking for a 100% increase in hourly wages.  They are demanding a “living wage” of $15.00 an hour from the current Federal minimum  wage of $7.25. 

Working in fast food is not designed as a career to support a family, but as entry level positions.  When they hired on they knew exactly how much they would be earning and accepted it.  Now all of a sudden that is not good enough?  That is the entitlement mentality being nurtured by Democrats and unions to the demise of the USA.

Fast food workers and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU)  held a convention in suburban Chicago.  If they attain their goal of earning $15.00 an hour the fast food industry will reduce employees and increase automation.  The unions do not care if any fast food workers get fired as a result because they will get new dues paying members.   

Want more money?  Do either one of the following:  Get another job or get an education.      

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