Thursday, July 31, 2014

Israel and news media bias

Israel and news media bias

The latest conflict between Israel and the Gaza Strip (Palestinians / Hamas) has seen the ugly side of the news media in the West, specifically in the United States.  The news media in Europe and the USA have been notorious for their bias, and leftist reporting.  It is easy to identify their anti-Israel bias resulting from this latest conflict.

It was noticeable when the media continued to show Palestinian children victims of the violence while showing the Israel military advancing and firing at the Gaza area.  Recently The Dallas Morning News two days in a row on the front page had photographs showing the deaths on both sides.  Usually they would show only the civilian deaths in the Gaza Strip avoiding any photographs showing Hamas’s aggressive actions. 

The Dallas Morning News soon returned to their anti-Israel bias on the front page of the July 30. 2014 issue.  The headline read:

 “War in Gaza, Electric plant struck,” 

with a huge picture of black billowing smoke with a civilian man covering his face.  The sub-headline below the photograph read: “No power, water, sewage for 1.7M as Israel widens bombing.”    

As “Israel widens bombing?”  Why only Israel?  How come Hamas was not mentioned as continuing to launch rockets into Israel?  Perhaps the sub-headlines should have read:

 “Israel widens bombing responding to Hamas continued rocket attacks.”

Further proof of the news media’s anti-Israel.  It is rather amusing to hear people accuse the U.S. media of being controlled by the “Jewish lobby.”  If that is correct, then that “lobby” must be suicidal.

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