Sunday, July 27, 2014

Faroe Islands, Ady Gil and pope Paul the Watson

Faroe Islands, Ady Gil and 
pope Paul the Watson

Sea Shepherd, the floating circus has arrived in the Faroe Islands to perform in free shows for the Faroese.  Some of the clowns arrived in the Faroe Islands via ferry from Denmark. 

Flea Face left the Faroe Islands and Cabin Boy / Peter Helmethead must be looking for an audience.  Then there is his holiness pope Paul the Watson.  It was reported he stated he was going to travel to the Faroe Islands to join his minions of the floating circus.  Do you think that will really happen?

His holiness Watson was scheduled to be a keynote speaker at an Animal Rights conference to be held in Los Angeles, California on July 12, 2014.  Watson canceled his scheduled appearance claiming Ady Gil would serve him papers suing him personally for the collision of the vessel “Ady Gil” (formally “Earthrace”) with Japanese whaling vessel.  Watson claimed the cost of the lawsuit would be too much thus canceling his keynote speech.  Through an intermediator Ady Gil was requested to write Watson stating he had no plans to server him with papers.  Ady Gil request Watson email him, then Mr. Gil will return the email with the requested information.  Watson has not complied instead deciding to vilify Mr. Ady Gil.  Please see the link below:   

Ady Gil’s reasonable explanation, Cult leader’s hallucinations:   

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