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Sea Shepherd’s violent behavior in the Faroe Islands

Sea Shepherd’s violent behavior in the 
Faroe Islands

The clowns of that floating circus Sea Shepherd are providing free performances for the good people of the Faroe Islands.  In the village of Skopun the deputy mayor came upon some Sea Shepherd clowns performing an act of vandalism.  When the deputy mayor confronted the cult clowns, he was attacked verbally and possibly near physically. 

A few days later the deputy mayor is back at the same location where the attack took place.  He was talking to a news crew when one of the clown vehicles drove by, aiming their camera at the direction of the deputy mayor and the news crew.

Sea Shepherd’s two weapons of choice are:
1 - lies.
2 - shoving a camera in the face of people they disapprove of.

People who witness the cult’s performance may want to do the same and shove cameras in the clown faces.  They will run or mute themselves.  They ran in Taiji and others muted themselves when cameras where shoved in their mesmerized mugs (faces).

The clowns to date have archived one of their live streams.  In the link below at the 3:30 point you can hear Cabin Boy claim the Faroe Islands is the Taiji of Europe.  Wow did he know he just complimented both the Faroe Islands and Taiji, Japan?  Also at the 1:40 point you can view the back of Cabin Boy’s jacket with “captain” written.  What is he a captain of?  Is he captain of the cult’s group swim team?  Perhaps the cult clowns cheerleading team?   

Cult clowns live stream link:

Report received from the Faroe Islands:

“SSC has cut a chain which is set to block such a car is not driving into the sea as the mayor came into battle with them and SSC tried to destroy his car they tried to break the car's windows and jumped on the car mayor clearly running away from them ... Police are investigating the matter ...”

Another report:

“SS has been reported to the police for breaking a lock and chain blocking the place where you put the boats in the sea. The chain was there for blocking any cars from driving in the sea by accident. When the governor in the city came down there to ask them what they were doing, they attacked his car, tried to break off the doors of the car and jumped on the front of the car. He almost run one of them over trying to get away from there. They shouted in french the whole time and he could not understand what they were saying.”

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