Thursday, July 31, 2014

Some challenged Koreans obsessed with the Sea of Japan

Some challenged Koreans obsessed with the
 Sea of Japan

The body of water between Japan and the Korean peninsula is named the “Sea of Japan.”  Some revisionist in South Korea and in the U.S.A. of Korean heritage are determined to rename this body of water the “East Sea.”  It seems this is driven by hate for Japan and the word “Japan” is a major irritant to these dopes.  Can you say “Japan bashing?”

As part of their modus operandi these malcontents are once again dragging the USA into this nonsense which is pure Japan bashing.  Koreans have littered the USA with monuments, plaques, and a statue concerning the Comfort Women issue between Japan and the Koreans.  They seem to be using the United States as a stomping ground to promote Japan bashing. 

Not contented with soiling the USA with this form of Japan-bashing another venue has been established.  These Japan bashers placed a plaque in the Democrat county of Fairfax, Virginia.  Fairfax is outside Washington, DC.  Recently the state of Virginia approved a distortion in their textbooks.  The distortion claims the “Sea of Japan” is also known as “East Sea.”  Seems like the state of Virginia is enthusiastically supporting some Koreans in their Japan - bashing. 

Now let us compare this to Japanese behavior.  During World War Two a fierce battle took place on the Japanese held island of Iwo Jima.  Nearly 8,000 Americans and near 19,000 Japanese died in the battle for this island in 1945 (February, March).

The United States occupied the island up to 1968.  Was there any attempt to change the name of the island by the USA?  If fact there is a huge monument to the battle of Marines showing the raising of the USA flag on Mount Suribachi, outside Washington, DC.  On top of Mount Suribachi a monument was placed by the USA honoring the Americans who died in that battle.  When Japan regained ownership did they attempt to remove that monument?  No!  In fact the Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi visited the monument to pay his respects.

Their folks are the difference between insanity and sanity.           

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