Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sea Shepherd’s victory in the Faroe Islands

Sea Shepherd’s victory in the Faroe Islands

Currently the clowns from the cult group floating circus of Sea Shepherd are in the Faroe Islands.  They are there to stop what is called a “Grind.”  The “Grind” is when whales swim into the fjords; they are then guided to the beaches to be harvested.  This then provides free food for the residents. 

According to the clowns they are in the Faroe Islands to stop this and boast while they are in the islands there has been no whaling.  One would think that is because the whales have not arrived in the fjords.  That is incorrect, no whaling because the authorities in the Faroe Islands have prohibited any whaling while Sea Shepherd is in the islands.

The reasoning is they want to deprive Sea Shepherd of bloody photographs and videos to be used by the floating circus as propaganda portraying the residents as barbaric.  Guess what?  That ship has sailed.  Anti-whaling groups already have those bloody photographs from past Grinds.  They were used to recruit their current clowns for their anti-whaling campaign.

Basically when Sea Shepherd boast they stopped whaling in the Faroe Islands, they are correct.  By prohibiting whaling the authorities in the Faroe Islands handed Sea Shepherd a victory.  It can be said Sea Shepherd’s 2014 anti-whaling campaign in the Faroe Islands is a success.        

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