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United Nations Tony, Mit, and Shun

United Nations Tony, Mit, and Shun

Geneva, Switzerland, United Nations European headquarters, the UN Human Rights Committee conference, proving the UN is worthless.

A group of Japanese NGO’s (Non-Government Organization) said to be comprised mainly of leftist-lawyers, filed complaints against Japan, and the Japanese people with the United Nations Human Rights Committee.  The U.N. conference on this issue was held in July of 2014 at the U.N. European headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

Here is a partial list of the grievances brought before the U.N. worthless committee:

1 - Objected to the official term “Gender identity disorder.”  Problem is, it is a clinical term diagnosis.  Link:

2 - Claimed it is a problem in rape case charges will not be filed unless the victim files charges.  Do they want charges filed without the victim’s cooperation?

3 - Critical of the minimum age for marriage in Japan. 

4 - Critical of Japan because people with severe mental issues are institutionalized without their consent.  Are they asking for these people are allowed to roam the streets endangering themselves as well as others?

5 - Critical of Japan’s death penalty.  Guess what?  Fifty-eight nations have capital punishment, so only single out Japan?

6 - A man in Japan was on death row for 40 years when his innocence was identified.  Hello, on death row for 40 years?  That is a life sentence as in the USA being on death row is around 20 years, and in North Korea, one day.

7 - Wants Japan to establish a type of affirmative action to ensure more women get elected to office.

8 - Wants sexual harassment to be criminalized.  There are different degrees of sexual harassment, none of which was addressed.

9 - Complained free speech in Japan is curtailed and requested hate speech be criminalized.  How can hate speech be criminalized while calling for free speech?

10 - Complained the LBGT community has a high suicide rate.  Never mind Japan as a whole has a high suicide rate or that anywhere in the world the suicide rate is high in the LBGT community.

11 - Complained same-sex couples are excluded from public housing because occupants must be related.  Totally ignoring the same prohibition applies to heterosexual couple’s not married or same sex roommates who are not homosexual.

12 - Critical of corporal punishment in public schools.  Really?  Then Texas should be brought before this Committee as corporal punishment is allowed in many Texas school districts.

13 - Complained Korean schools in Japan do not receive any government funds.  Never mind that they do not meet the criteria for receiving government funds.

Noticeably absent from these hearings was any proof or documentation to support their claims.  The chairman’s concluding remakes berated Japan over the Comfort Women issue.  A member of the UN Human Rights Committee was asked if he was aware the U.S. Army’s 1944 report on Comfort Women, number 49.  He was unaware of the document.

U.S. Army 1944 report number 49 on Comfort Women:

It was stated that Japan’s lawyer NGO group is rated higher than Japan’s citizen NGO group.  That is discrimination and the U.N. Human Rights Committee was thought to be out to eliminate discrimination, not to support or encourage it. 

NGO groups of patriotic Japanese citizens:
“Japan Collaboration Team for UN Committee” and “Alliance for Truth about Comfort Women.”                                                                                                                   

Members of the U.N. Human Rights Committee:

Japanese NGO document of complaints:

Link to Texas Daddy store:         

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