Saturday, August 16, 2014

Best Buy or Amazon?

Best Buy or Amazon?

Did Best Buy steal my camera?  Purchased a camera at Best Buy with a protection plan.  The camera broke and returned it to the Geek Squad at the store where the purchase was made.  I was informed the turnaround time would be two weeks.

Two weeks later per the website the camera was still in transit.  Telephoned the 800 # and was told have no idea what is happening and advised to telephone the Geek Squad at the store.  Called the Geek Squad at the store, said will investigate and call back.  Three and a half hours later no called back, so I called.  Was informed the camera was sent to Precision Camera and have no idea when it would be returned.  Meaning it could be a week or a month and Best Buy relieved itself of any responsibility.

I asked for a loaner camera since they have my camera beyond the date promised.  This idea refused by the person speaking to and his supervisor.  I then called corporate complaints a Best Buy’s corporate headquarters in Minnesota.  The gentleman was sympathetic and said will investigate and call back.

As of this writing four days later no call back.  I’ve written emails to numerous contacts at Best Buy and total silence by all but one who also deferred to Precision Camera.

While going through all this discovered Amazon offers a protection plan for the same camera at a lower price and for three years as oppose to Best Buy’s one year.  In addition Amazon states a five day turnaround time either fixed or replace.

Best Buy protection plan:

Amazon protection plan for the camera in question.  Note, since the video was made the price was reduced and the turnaround time was increased to five days.  After clicking on the below link, look to the right for “Include 3-Year Drops & Spills Warranty for $40.69:”

Link to Texas Daddy store:
Best Buy or

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