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Writings of a dangerous man, Watson’s book

Writings of a dangerous man, Watson’s book 
 Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson wrote a book published 1993 titled “Earthforce.”  This is an interesting read into the mind of a man riddled with hallucinations, filled with self-aggrandizement, and just a dangerous person.

The book was sent to me by a friend named Ady Gil.  Below in part are some of Watson’s disturbed writings in the book:

Page 1. "Within the growing movement for environmental awareness, there is emerging a new force. This force is a warrior society of committed, dedicated, and courageous men and women, willing to take risks needed to protect opur mother - the Earth".

Apparently those “risk” do not extend to him as he is on the run from the authorities in Costa Rica and Japan. 

Page 5. "What cannot be achieved by wealth needs to be achieve by stealth. What cannot be achieved by stealth needs to be achieved by profile and media, by the strength of loyalty within the movement, by courage and leadership, and finally by the moral superiority of the cause."

Comment: He writes about “moral superiority” will win their cause?  Well by that measurement Sea Shepherd already lost because his morale authority escaped him years ago.  As evident with his numerous fairy tales presented as fact.  He wore a badge claiming to be law enforcement.  He claims to be a sea captain when he is void of any credentials.  He put on a performance claiming to have been shot by Japanese security from a Japanese whaling vessel.  He even claimed the Kevlar vest he was wearing was pierced by that shot.  This man possesses no “moral superiority.” 

Page 9. "Since 1977, I have headed the Sea Shepherd Society and continue to do so. In that time, I have led three seagoing expeditions to oppose the Canadian seal slaughter, four sea-going campaigns to protect whales, two high-seas expeditions to protect dolphins, five expeditions to oppose drift-netters, and one land based expedition to protect wolves in British Columbia and the Yukon."

"During this time I was responsible for or oversaw the sinking of eight illegal whaling ships, the sinking of one sealing ship, the blockading of a Canadian sealing fleet, the destruction of a whale processing plant, the paint bombing of a Soviet trawler, the ramming of two Japanese drift net vessels, the ramming of a tuna Mexican tuna seiner, the ramming of a Taiwanese drift netter, the shutting down of a Japanese dolphin hunt, the closing down of seal hunts in great Britain and Ireland, the landing in Soviet Siberia to document illegal whaling activities, and the interference in killing operations against marine mammals in thirteen countries.  I was responsible for inventing the tactic of tree-spiking to protect old-growth forests."

Page 43. "If you do not know an answer, a fact, a statistic, then simply follow the example of an American President, and do as Ronald Raegan did - make it up on the spot and deliver the information confidently and without hesitation.

Comment: It is rather peculiar this far left liberal selected conservative President Ronald Reagan to emulate.

Page 45. "Are you prepared for danger?  Have you undertaken proper preparations for security?  In the event of an accident or attack, have you made arrangements for medical and life insurance? Do you have an up-to-date and valid will? These are very important considerations."

Comment: These are very “important considerations” because he puts their lives at risk on each voyage.  His minions are blinded by idolizing to be able to realize the dangers he places them. 

Page 85: "The fourth situation is to strike illegally but visibly. This is called civil disobedience ... Sometimes to challenge the validity of a law, you must break the law in order to do so"

"In 1983, I took my ship into Canadian waters to challenge the Canadian Seal Protection act... We deliberately and flagrantly broke these laws and we were arrested and put on trial. The courts were hostile and we were convicted."

Comment: Further proof he operates a band of sea-going illegal activity accurately described by a U.S. Federal court as “pirates.”

Page 88: "The ninth and final situation is covert strategy...  The ninth situation requires striking both illegally and sometimes with great destruction.    The first rule here is: DO NOT GET CAUGHT."

Comment: Promoting illegal activity.

PAGE 91: "In court, never volunteer information. Use a minimum of words to answer any question put to you. Never perjure yourself by lying, but never tell the truth if the truth is going to contribute to your conviction.
 Proof the truth and this cult leader have never enjoyed a friendship.

Page 92: "You do not have to lie. Avoid the truth, evade the truth, twist the truth."

"Employ the Ronald Reagan strategy for maintaining a minimum of information output:




Comment: One again he invokes his hero, conservative President Ronald Reagan.

Page 95: "Fire and explosives are most effectively used in covert operations"

Page 96:  "To kill with explosives intentionally is cowardly and can seldom be justified within the strategy of a warrior serving the Earth.  However if it is the only defense available, it should be carefully prepared and executed with extreme efficiency."

Comment:  Pure and simple:  He is promoting murder.
Page 108: "The fireworks strategy.  If you can't achieve your aims through facts, then baffle your opposition with bullshit.  Deceive with dazzling dramatics, fabricate fantasies fired forth with flair and shower your targets with flamboyance and fiery rhetoric.  Give the public a circus and contain your message within.  Educate through the media of entertainment.  Exploit existing myths and create your own myths and legends.
Comment:  Here in 1993 Watson urges to “give the public a circus.”  Then some nineteen years later Oli Breckmann of the Faroe Islands labels the cult group a “floating circus.”  That is exactly what Watson called for in his book.
 Oli Breckmann of the Faroe Islands labeling Sea Shepherd as a “floating circus:”
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