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Arrest in the Faroe Islands

Arrest in the Faroe Islands

The current crop of Sea Shepherd clowns in the Faroe Islands proudly boasts they are willing to forfeit their lives and freedoms to save the whales.  This is an unusual group of Sea Shepherd cultists as they broke from the cult’s tradition and told the truth for once.

Fourteen members of the land base floating circus were arrested in the Faroe Islands surrendering their freedoms to save the whales.  Too late!  While they were trying to interfere with a Grind (harvesting of whales) thirty-three whales met their faith.  The fourteen who were arrested were not able to stop the harvesting of thirty-three whales.  In addition to their miserable failure to stop the harvest, three of their boats were confiscated by authorities. 

Thirty-three whales gone, three boats gone, fourteen clowns arrested.  Where was Watson?  He is wanted on three continents and he remains free while his minions sat in jail.         

Boat Crew Arrested
1. Bastien Boudoire (French)
 2. Jérôme Bonpied (French)
 3. Guido Capezzoli (French)
 4. Tiphaine Blot (French)
 5. Baptiste Brebel (French)
 6. Antoine Le Dref (French)
 7. Céline Le Dourion (French)
 8. Krystal Keynes (Australian)

Land Crew Arrested
9. Maggie Gschnitzer Italy
 10. Rodrigo Gilkuri is from Mexico
 11. Nikki Botha (south Africa)
 12. Monnique Rossouw (South Africa)
 13. Sergio Toribio (Spain)
 14. Alexandra Sellet (France)

Those arrested in Sandoy, Faroe Islands are from:
10 were Europeans,
2 was South African,
1 was Mexican and
1 was Australian.

All this and where is Don Corleone Watson? 

Link to videos, fun in the Faroe Islands:

Here is the link to Sea Shepherd’s website where you can donate money.  Please give until it hurts so the rest of us can hurt while laughing:
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Sea Shepherd Faroe Islands

Sea Shepherd Faroe Islands
 Sea Shepherd Faroe Islands

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