Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sea Shepherd or Sea Klux Klan?

Sea Shepherd or Sea Klux Klan?

How come there are no black people in Sea Shepherd?  Possibly one of two reasons:

1 – The cult group is a purposely excluding black people of African heritage.
2 – Africa-Americans are too smart to join this reckless proven band of clowns. 

Whatever the reason, the question needs to be asked.  Once asked be amused by the response from the floating circus known as She Shepherd.

The term “Sea Klux Klan” was coined by Kentucky Colonel Richard Hunter.

The floating circus band of clowns is proving more to be a band of outlaws.  They are following the example of their leader who is a bail jumper fugitive wanted on three continents and by his admission broken numerous laws.   

NOTE: Looking at our Faroe Islands / Sea Shepherd videos many may think our actions to be immature and silly.  Maybe so.  Our actions mirrored Sea Shepherd’s actions in Taiji, Japan in the past (see links below).  Previous years in Taiji, Japan Sea Shepherd’s Cove Coward Guardians (Cove Guardians) abused the residents there.  By displaying this abuse Sea Shepherd broadcasted to the world that is exactly how they desire to be treated.  Remember “treat others as you want to be treated.”  So while in the Faroe Islands we obliged them.  

Faroe Islands Prime Minister’s office release on the Sea Shepherd illegal incident:

Videos of Sea Shepherd’s reprehensible behavior in Taiji, Japan:

Link to Texas Daddy store:

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