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Whale Wars Viking Shores theater removed from reality

Whale Wars Viking Shores pure theater
 removed from reality

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In an episode of Discovery Channel Animal Planet’s “Whale Wars: Viking Shores,” they create pure theater.  In the video clip Cabin Boy Peter Helmethead aboard the Bridgette Bardot in or near the Faroe Islands, is seen on a cell phone talking with the cult leader, Captain Kangaroo.  Cabin Boy informs the cult leader he could be arrested if he comes to the Faroe Islands because there is an arrest warrant for him. 
The arrest warrant issued in 1985 or 1986 after Sea Shepherd’s last visit to the Faroe Islands.  For the next 25 or 26 years afterwards Sea Shepherd did not return because of the warrant and the cult leader avoiding an arrest. 

After the good Captain is informed of the warrant the video turns dramatic illustrating the concerned and sadden faces of the crew, Cabin Boy, and the good Captain.  Such theater, such drama, all made for the viewers. 

The cult leader lands by helicopter aboard the rust bucket garbage scow to the welcoming arms of the depressed looking crew.  The Faroese police board the rust bucket, ask for their passports, and no arrest.  Then the good Captain claims, well no arrest now, but it can happen any time.  Alluding to that 26 year old warrant.

Hooey!  The good Captain knew that arrest warrant expired a year before he arrived in the Faroe Islands, that is why he returned in 2011 and avoid the Faroe Islands for 25 years.  The statute of limitations for that warrant was 25 years meaning that warrant was expired when he arrived in 2011. 

The creditability of Discovery Channel and Animal Planet has to come into question resulting from their behavior in Whale Wars Viking Shores.  They tried to pass off an aerial view of Lerwick, Shetland Islands, Scotland, as Torshavn, Faroe Islands.  However that was discovered by the people of the Faroe Islands.

Now they try to create a dramatic scene over an expired warrant as if the good Captain was risking an arrest to save whales.  Shame on Discovery Channel.  Shame on Animal Planet.

Since the good Captain claims he is not afraid of an arrest warrant, how about a debate in Tokyo, Japan?  Sincere there is an active arrest warrant for him in Japan, perhaps he can once again demonstrate this desire to save whales is great than for his concern about being arrested.          

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Big thanks to the people of the Faroe for denying Captain Kangaroo the dramatic video his cult has a thirst for.

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