Friday, May 18, 2012

Sea Shepherd's Paul Watson to be set free

Watson will be released from a German jail after paying $250,000 Euros.  He must stay in Germany pending his extradition hearing.  Then afterwards he must leave Germany. 

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Animal rights activists Paul Watson comes free, may not leave the country though. Über seine Auslieferung ist noch nicht entschieden. On his extradition is pending. Hintergrund ist ein Vorfall in guatemaltekischen Gewässern aus dem Jahr 2002. Background is an incident in Guatemalan waters from the year 2002.

The animal rights activists jailed in Frankfurt Paul Watson (61) is released upon payment of 250 000 €.  After the performance security, Watson himself had offered, he would set free, he must leave Germany but not until the conclusion of the extradition proceedings, said the Higher Regional Court (OLG) Frankfurt on Friday.

 Watson's lawyer, Oliver Wallasch said, it probably will not be able to pay the money over the weekend to the court cashier, so sit that his client in custody.

 The well-known as a militant whaling opponents and protector of sharks Watson was arrested last Sunday at Frankfurt airport due to an arrest warrant from Costa Rica. The head of the international animal protection group Sea Shepherd (German: Sea-Shepherd) is accused of engaging in the waterway.  Background is an incident from 2002 in Guatemalan waters.  This is Watson, the Canadian and U.S. citizenship has to have threatened the crew of a ship from Costa Rica and attacked with a water cannon.

The Court of Appeal had ordered on Friday afternoon, the provisional arrest for the warrant but put under conditions other than law enforcement. The warrant, the court reasoned that that the delivery Watson is not inadmissible from the outset, mainly because the alleged acts are also punishable under German law and are not barred. Das letzte Wort über eine Auslieferung hat das Bundesjustizministerium. The last word about the extradition, the Federal Ministry of Justice.

Animal rights activists get the support of the Greens in the Bundestag. "It is feared that Paul Watson expect a fair trial in Costa Rica," said Volker Beck, a spokesman for Human Rights Policy and Parliamentary Secretary of the Green parliamentary group, according to statement on Wednesday.  It should at least not unlikely that the prosecution had Watson in Costa Rica after such a long time also politically motivated.

After the Court of Appeal's decision on Friday in Costa Rica has three months to a formal extradition request with full supporting documentation to provide as proof of the alleged offense.  Then the Court of Appeal decides on the formal arrest, a further decision on the admissibility of extradition. (AP)

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