Monday, May 14, 2012

Paul Watson arrested who to replace him

Paul Watson arrested, who to replace him?

Paul Watson sits in a German jail (as of the time this video was made) after being arrested in Frankfurt on his way to France, based on a warrant issued for him in Costa Rica. 

This incarceration has left the cult group leaderless.  Really?  Why not promote Cabin Boy Peter Helemethead to admiral of the rust bucket garbage scow fleet?  Cabin Boy proved how brave (or silly) he was when he went on a reconnaissance mission in the Faroe Islands.  He wore a disguise, however was discovered, and fled the Faroe Islands in fear.  What happened to being willing to forfeit their lives to save a whale?

This past whaling season in the Southern Ocean the cult leader Captain Kangaroo ran scared and sailed back to Australia.  He feared the Japanese so-called security vessel that was trailing him; he feared being arrested and a free ocean voyage to Tokyo, Japan. 

While he sailed to Australia shuddering in fear, he left Cabin Boy in the Southern Ocean to continue the cult’s illegal harassment against the Japanese mariners.        

The cult leader’s cowardice in the face of an adversary warrants the promotion of Cabin Boy to Admiral.

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