Sunday, May 6, 2012

Chen Guangcheng betrayed by the USA / Hillary (Bill's wife)?

Chen Guangcheng betrayed
by the USA / Hillary (Bill’s wife)? 
Was Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng betrayed and abandoned by the United States due to USA Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (or Hillary Rodham Clinton or Hillary Rotten Clinton, better known as “Bill’s wife”)?

Chen Guangcheng is a blind self-taught lawyer and activist in commie-land, commie-led China, The Middle Kingdom.  He was critical of China’s one-child policy, forced sterilizations, and forced abortions.  Resulting him being sentenced to four years three months in prison.  After serving his prison term he was placed under house arrest along with his wife and two children. 

Chen Guangcheng escaped his house arrest and with the help of friends and other Chinese human rights activists was driven to Beijing and taken to the U.S. Embassy.  Once there Hillary Clinton got involved and Chen Guangcheng was turned over to commie officials.  Per the USA Embassy in Beijing political asylum was not offered or asked for (huh?). 

Madam Secretary Clinton said she was assured by commie officials that Chen Guangcheng would be allowed to continue his studies.  Mrs. Clinton made no attempt to seek guarantees and just dumped this gentleman into the claws of the commies.  These same commies who threatened to be his wife and children unless he left the USA Embassy. 

Remember:  Bill Clinton when running for president accepted campaign money from the Chinese commie military.  When Hillary was seeking the Democratic Party nomination to run for president, she too accepted campaign money contribution from the Chinese commie military.  So is it a reach to conclude the Clintons have been purchased by the commies?              

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