Thursday, May 31, 2012

Massacres in Syria protected by Russia and China

The government of Syria under the rule of dictator Bashar al-Assad masquerading as a “president,” continues to massacre their own people, those who desire freedom, women and children. 

The world is muted in any real response because Syria enjoys the support of the gangster governments of Russia and China.  Russia ruled by a closet communist, former KGB agent, and China under the ruthless thumb of the Communist Party. 

People are being murdered openly in Syria while the so-called democratic republics of the world do absolutely nothing because of two rouge nations: Russia and China.  Not to mention the malfeasance of the United Nations – UN.


Russia and China for many reasons are blocking any international intervention because they do not want the same to happen with their continued assault upon their populations.  Russia suppresses through jailing, beatings, and assassinations those who openly oppose Czar Putin.  The Commies in China routinely engage in mass beatings and shootings to eliminate protesting or discontented citizens.  They see happenings in Syria as normal everyday occurrences in their country.  Since it is normal for Russia and China, no need for international intervention.

There was a time when decent nations around the world would have acted ignoring the protest bellowing out of Russia and China.  Due to the scourge of liberalism decaying many democratic republics the world remains silent while women and children are executed.  We have history repeating itself with a monster on the loose while the world remains dormant.  The stench of the 1930’s is permeating.  

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