Thursday, May 17, 2012

Osaka knife shop shocks an Australian woman

Osaka knife shop shocks an Australian woman

While in Osaka, in April of 2012 at a conference I had the good fortune to meet Mr. Ken and his family.  The day after the conference Mr. Ken took Shun, Manabu, and me to an Osaka knife shop and a traditional Japanese restaurant. 

This knife shop is one-hundred fifty years old and produces high quality cutlery.  Their products are used as ornaments (their version of gargoyles), knives for blowfish chefs, and instruments used by whalers.   

We toured the backroom where artisans in traditional produce these products by hand.  In the front of the shop we were introduced to various knives, swords, and products masterfully crafted by these artisans. 

We were shown a huge blade used by whalers.  The gentleman conducting the tour told us a group from Australia toured their shop, he showed them the blade used by the whalers.  Upon seeing the blade a female Australian stated it was barbaric.  Huh?

The person enters a foreign nation; volunteers to visit a shop engaged in traditional and time-honored craft then have the nerve to call them barbaric.  The shocked expressed by this foreign lady, does she express the same shock when people in her own country (Australia) slaughter kangaroos and camels?  How does she feel about the cow that was slaughtered to provide her the beef she may enjoy?  Is that barbaric?  What about “Waltzing with Matilda,” is that barbaric (sarcasm)?

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The name of the knife shop is: Mizuno Tanrenjo.

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