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South Korea's satellite and their enemies list

South Korea’s satellite and their enemies list

South Korea recently launched an imaging satellite (Arirang-3) using a Japanese Mitsubishi H-2A rocket via Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) from Japan’s Tanegashima Space Center. 

The South Koreas looked across the Sea of Japan to get their satellite into space.  The people in the town in Japan near the Tanegashima Space Center lined the streets with Japanese and South Korean flags and signs welcoming South Korean visitors. 

In return South Korea’s Arirang TV aired a program where the Japanese flag and “NIPPON” were omitted from their mockup of the Mitsubishi rocket.  Note here the Japanese iconic fighter from the Second World War; the “Zero” was made by Mitsubishi.  Interesting because many in South Korea currently continue to criticize Japan for World War Two, and now used a descendant of the “Zero” to launch their satellite into space.

Also note the same Korean TV program stated the satellite was made up of totally South Korean parts.  However an article from the “Voice of America” reads some of the imagery components were manufactured in Europe.  Is Europe part of South Korea? 

A survey taken in 2011 of South Korean students list South Korea’s enemies as:
1 – Japan
2 – North Korea
3 – United States of America – USA

Japan has not engaged in any military hostilities in sixty-seven years.  While a state of war still exists between North Korea (the Hermit Kingdom) and South Korea).  That is why North Korea should have been listed as their number 1, number 2, and number 3 enemies.  What are these people stupid?

The United States currently has stationed in South Korea 28,000 troops ready to protect and die for South Korea’s freedom, having nothing to do with the freedoms enjoyed in the United States of America.

South Korea has or will sign a military agreement with commie-led China, while suspended similar talks with Japan as not to upset the South Korean populace.  Huh?  The Korean peninsula is divided between lunatic commie North Korea and South Korea because of commie-led China.  During the Korean War, North Korea committed 260,000 troops while commie-led China used 1,350,000 commie troops to invade the Korean peninsula.  Meaning North Korea is commie and the Korean peninsula is divided because of commie-led China.           

Link showing South Korean and Japanese flags in Japan, also Japanese rocket with Japanese flag and “NIPPON,” plus the South Korean mockup without the Japanese flag and “NIPPON:”

Link to Voice of America (VOA) article, stating:
“Arirang-3 carries a high-resolution optical imager purchased from Astrium, a subsidiary of Europe's leading space company:”

South Korean students rank South Korea’s “enemies:”

South Korean China military agreement articles:

Article about South Korean Japan military accord suspended:

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Anonymous said...

Lived in the Philippines and it was one of the countries that was attacked by the Japanese in the World War II, and believe me they where just as brutal as what they did in other asian countries, torture, rape, massacre's, making slaves, killing ruthlessly etc. and they are still being thought on our history classes on both elementary and Highschool. But compared to South Korea we don't take it that much seriously now and even make jokes about it, sure people who actually lived at that time in WWII and can still share their experience to us they will 100 percent sure say they hate japs but these days you can't really find any young ones or teenagers saying they hate the Japanese. Even most of them wants to live there now. But looking at SK and NK articles is just rather odd at the same time crazy. for SK to rank Japan a more threat than NK basically concludes that they stil haven't moved on and that the head of the History subject on their classes have a deep hate for the Japanese. There was a video in SK class History subject and yes they talked about Japan and how they hated it, its just as comparable to how NK History class talked about their enemies, America, SK, Japan etc and how they hated it to the max and how they want to eagerly crash them. Then starts to praise a dead image of their leader. The level of how SK students hate Japan is the same level of how NK treat their deluded leader religiously, im sure its still up but their was a video in youtube of blind patience with cataracts which regained their eyesite by the help of SK, american doctor's and foreign help without any permission from their "dear" leader, and guess what the NK person said "praised the dead image of their leader like it was god". Thats how deep SK people hate Japan, equally as deep as how NK people love their dear leader.