Friday, May 11, 2012

Men's Egg illustrate "American" is fashionable in Japan

Men’s Egg illustrate “American”
is fashionable in Japan

Men’s Egg Interview video:

While in Tokyo I was invited to be interviewed by “Men’s Egg” (MensEGG) a Japanese fashion magazine for young men.  It is related to Gyaru (gyaruo) fashion. 

After the interview I was given a copy of Men’s Egg, the 5 May 2012 issue used in this video.  When I arrived home to Texas, USA, I looked through the magazine to see the fashions and layout of the magazine.

That is when I noticed many of the gentlemen photographed in the magazine wore t-shirts which can be described as American related, American centric.  Many wore t-shirts American in style with either the USA flag, or red white and blue.  Some wore outer shirts / jackets in USA Army style, olive green with “U.S. Army” on the garment. 

This to me clearly illustrated Japans love of America, American, and Americans.  The pity is some in America, the West are ruining America’s image through the illegal, insulting, dangerous activities of Sea Shepherd, their cult sub group Cove Guardians who continually soil Taiji, Japan. 

This cult group, its leader, and minions are not winning the hearts and minds of the people in Japan.  Their only contribution to the relationship between Japan and the United States is a negative one.  Those of us who appreciate Japan’s good relationship with the USA should reject Sea Shepherd and their minions on every level.

The USA lives in a world where many want us dead either individuals, groups, or nations.  We look to Japan and we see a friend, a trusted ally, and a people who approve of the friendship between our two nations.  Because of this friendship, any group or individual who attempts to derail that relationship, needs to scorned, rejected, and laughed at.             

The issue with my interview and photographs will be released all across Japan on 14 June 2012.  The 14 May 2012 issue will have an announcement of the interview in the 14 June 2012 issue. 

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