Monday, May 7, 2012

Sea Shepherd Whale Wars Viking Shores after show debate

Sea Shepherd Whale Wars Viking Shores
 after show debate

May 4, 2012 on Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet airing of “Whale Wars Viking Shores,” there was a debate between the cult leader of Sea Shepherd and Heri Joensen, a musician in the Faroe Islands.

Discovery Channel Animal Planet’s “Whale Wars: Viking Shores” is about Sea Shepherd’s visit to the Faroe Islands in 2011.   Sea Shepherd went there to stop whale hunting that did not happen.  She Shepherd attempted to engage in a confrontation with the locals and that too never happened.  Animal Planet and Sea Shepherd were failures in trying to get dramatic video from the good people of the Faroe Islands. 

During the debate Sea Shepherd’s leader said the slaughter of whales in the Faroe Islands is barbaric.  What slaughter is not?  He claimed because it took 120 seconds to kill the whale.  Who decides at what point a slaughter crosses from humane to barbaric?  Is it at the 10 second mark or 90 second mark? 

He continued to claim slaughtering whales is wrong because of the whale’s level of intelligence.  Once again, who decides at what level an animal must reach to become exempt from the food chain?  Are not pigs smart?  Should pigs be tossed of menus? 

Sea Shepherd’s cult leader during the debate continued to regurgitate worn out bumper sticker slogans meant to appeal to his minions.  His rhetoric was as old as the 25 year old video footage they had to use in “Whale Wars Viking Shores” to broadcast dramatic video.     

The descendants of the Vikings in the Faroe Islands knew what Animal Planet and Sea Shepherd were up to, that they needed dramatic video for their cable channel television show.  Sea Shepherd’s numerous attempts to initiate a confrontation were met with failure as the good people of the Faroe Islands did not cooperate by not participating. 

They used video footage over twenty years old because newer confrontational video does not exists.  The trailer shows Sea Shepherd engaged in terrorist activities by firing rockets at the Faroe police.  Proving they are indeed terrorist. 

The term “floating circus” used in this video was borrowed from a Faroe Islands politician named Oli Breckmann, who coined the term.

Here is the video of Oli Breckmann use of the term “floating circus”:!

Link to Texas Daddy store:

Big thanks to the people of the Faroe for denying Captain Kangaroo the dramatic video his cult has a thirst for.


Anonymous said...

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as those islands are recieving money from denmark they should abide by danish law and the bern convention which holds any whaling to be ilegal.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The sea shepherd crew is quoted on the show satin we are in their land and must abide by their laws with regard to flaying the ultralight glider. Yet they do not carry the same admission when it comes to legal whaling. What a bunch of hypocrites.

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