Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lunatic Liberals in New York City are at it again

banned in NYC?
Democrat liberal mayor masquerading as a Republican Mayor Bloomberg is continuing his war on obesity and personal freedoms.  That is what liberals do, attack personal freedoms. 

The Mayor is proposing a ban on soft drinks 16 ounces or more that are sugary drinks.  Is this a legitmate role of government to attack a legal product?  If people in New York want to order a large drink laced with sugar that should only be between them and the merchant.  Government has no role in this relationship unless of course you are an extreme liberal. 

This commerce hindering decree may go into effect in New York City in March of 2013.  What is to stop someone from purchasing two of the offending drink at a smaller legal size, however when added together total over 16 ounces? Remember liberals are not to be judged by their results, because they are always a failure, but be judged by their intensions. 

Mayor Bloomberg because of this and other intrusive decrees enjoys the nickname: “Nanny Bloomberg.”  Next will the “Nanny” attempt to ban ice cream and potato chips? 

New Yorkers are getting what they deserved and asked for.  New Yorkers elected him and re-elected him.

Most bad government has grown out of too much government,” - - Thomas Jefferson

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