Sunday, May 13, 2012

Paul Watson's arrest brings joy to the world

Paul Watson's arrest brings joy to the world

Sea Shepherd’s leader Paul Watson was arrested in Frankfurt Germany while on his way to France.  Watson who is Canadian born and also holds United States citizenship (shame on the USA) had an outstanding arrest warrant in Costa Rica for attempted murder.

This happened in 2002, and for years prior and after the cult leader has engaged in many questionable acts if not illegal activities, always skirting the law.  Such a life-style lends itself to being caught up with. 

Being arrest should prove to be a resume enhancement for him and elevate his status among his minions and cultists.  He has risen from non-credentialed captain, to hallucinated admiral, and now a documented martyr all to save the lives of selected sea creatures.  If released he will be celebrated at meetings, conferences, and countless cult gatherings. 

He claimed no fear when he claimed there was an arrest warrant for him in Iceland some years ago.  In 2011 on Whale Wars Viking Shores he expressed no concern for an arrest warrant for him in the Faroe Islands where he flew into.  Never mind the arrest warrant expired a year earlier, no need to soil the emotions with facts. 

Captain Kangaroo claimed no fear when Japan issued an arrest warrant for him that is until early 2012.  That is when while the cult was in the Southern Ocean engaging in illegal activities against the Japanese mariners, the good Captain ran scared and sailed for Australia, fearing a so-called Japanese security vessel trailing him.  It seems the good Captain feared a free ocean voyage to Tokyo.  While he ran scared to Australia, he left Cabin Boy, Peter Helemethead in the Southern Ocean to continue the cult’s illegal work. 

Now that he faces extradition to a Costa Rican prison perhaps he would have been better off accepting that free ocean voyage to Tokyo and enjoying free room and board in a Japanese jail cell. 

Now how long will it be before the cult calls upon their minions to donate to his bail, and/or defense fund?  Giving money to Sea Shepherd is paramount to dropping a bucket down an empty well.  The suckers around the world have donated millions, purchased new vessels, replaced carelessly destroyed and/or abandoned vessels, post bonds, paid salaries and travel expenses.  For what? 

Whaling still goes on in the Faroe Islands.  Bluefin Tuna catches still take place by Maltese and Tunisians in the Mediterranean Sea.  Dolphin harvesting still takes place in Taiji, Japan, and the Japanese whalers still put out to sea each whaling season.  Sea Shepherd has been a miserable and expensive failure.  American showman P.T. Barnum who coin the term “a sucker is born every minute,” would have admired Sea Shepherd’s gather of worldwide suckers.              

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