Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Made in China" safe?

“Made in China” safe?

A six year old using a hand held air pump was pumping into a soccer ball when all of a sudden: KABOOM!  The soccer ball exploded!  Really?

Those familiar with the dangerous and unsafe products exported from commie-led China (commie-land “The Middle Kingdom) are not surprised about this explosion of a soccer ball. 

Industrialists in commie-led land have no pride for their nation or the products they produce.  It is amazing how they have no problem with putting the lives of their customers at risk.  The term “repeat business” must be alien to them. 

These commies have exported lead painted toys, poison filled fake jewelry, poisoned dog food, poison wallboards (dry wall), poisoned medicines, and produced baby milk for domestic consumption laced with poison.  What a despicable gang. 

For parents a “consumer advisory:”  For the safety of your child / children you should perhaps avoid purchasing anything for them that is “made in China,” until such time as the industrialist in commie-land start caring for the safety of their customers.        

Video referenced in this video: “China cell phone knockoffs exploding:”

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