Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Will we see “Shark Wars: Costa Rica Pura Vida?”  

Currently Paul Watson is being detained in Germany pending a possible extradition to Costa Rica.  Sea Shepherd minions are frantically attempting to marshal their drones to get him released.  They are urging their followers to pressure German authorities to abandon any extradition to Costa Rica.

Huh?  Was it not Watson and his minions who boasted they are willing for forfeit their lives to save a whale?  Are not the sharks being slaughtered worth at least his incarceration in a Costa Rican jail?

The cult’s hypocrisy is glowing again. 

Perhaps Watson should have taken that free ocean voyage to Tokyo from the Southern Ocean this past whaling season he feared.  Now if the Germans approve his extradition, he will be enjoying a Caribbean vacation Costa Rica.

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