Sunday, May 27, 2012

"Whale Wars: Viking Shores" mistakes or purposeful?

“Whale Wars: Viking Shores”
the mistakes continued
“Whale Wars: Viking Shores” was riddled with mistakes, the question is where they mistakes or purposeful?

Whale Wars Viking Shores moved Denmark
In episode 4 (link below) at the 6:43 point they display a map of the Norwegian Sea.  On this map they show “Denmark” where the nation of Norway is.  So did Norway become part of Denmark and change their name?  Was there an invasion, a plebiscite, or legislative action?  Truth is none of the fore mentioned, it was Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet “Whale Wars: Viking Shores” once again illustrating their total disregard for the truth, for facts.

If they cannot locate Denmark and Norway on a simple map what else have they aired as the truth that conflicts with reality? 

Whale Wars: Viking Shores link, see 6:43 for the map and 5:54 where a Sea Shepherd crew member said he does not want to make Sea Shepherd look bad:

Shame on Discovery Channel Animal Planet taking it’s viewers for being stupid.  Perhaps the network needs to acquaint themselves with Geography 101.

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