Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mitt Romney: The media deflection continues

Mitt Romney:  The media deflection continues

Recently The Washington Post (better known as “The Washington Compost”) headlined on their front page a questionable story about Republican Mitt Romney (presumptive Republican nominee) prank in 1965 while in high school.

According to the questionable article masquerading as journalism Mr. Romney while in high school (Cranbrook School in Bloomfield, Michigan). behaved like a bully.  The supposed victim of this bullying was a long-haired student John Lauber.  The Washington Post in their hit piece presumed Mr. Lauber being gay because of the length of his hair. 

The article claims Mr. Romney forced Mr. Lauber to the ground, the cut his hair off.  Mitt apologized but claimed he did not remember this incident.  Mr. Lauber’s three sisters stated their brother never mentioned the incident to them. 

Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh offered these comparisons to the story and wondered why the news media has basically ignored then:

Chappaquiddick:  Democrat Senator Ted Kennedy drove a vehicle off a bridge causing the sole passenger, a female to die.

Accused of rape:  Democrat President Bill Clinton.

Had an affair with a lady with organized crime connections:  Democrat President John F. Kennedy.

Had an affair with an actress who later committed suicide:  Democrat President John F. Kennedy.

Fathered a child out of wedlock while his wife was dying of cancer:  Democrat John Edwards.

Supported the tapping of the phone lines belonging to the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King:  Democrat Attorney General Robert Kennedy.

Was a member of the Ku Klux Klan – KKK: Democrat Senator Robert Byrd.

Lied about his grades in law school:  Democrat Vice President Joe Biden.

Admitted to bullying a girl while in school knocking her to the ground:  Democrat President Barack Obama wrote in his book: “Dreams from My Father.”

The news media is in panic mode to protect President Obama and will deflect from the main issue of this presidential campaign:  the ECONOMY!      

It was amazing, but expected how the news media all across the USA ran with this story as if it was the truth.  It was the truth to the American news media because they wanted to believe it to deflect this campaign from the economy to side-show issues.

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