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Vietcong returned to pick the USA's pockets

Vietcong returned to pick the USA’s pockets

WARNING:  If you have any connection to the USA involvement in the Vietnam War, or have the ability to assess with sound reasoning this video may upset you.

During the USA involvement in the Vietnam War (from 1965 to 1973), a chemical known as “Agent Orange,” (disambiguation) was used to defoliant the dense jungle (is “dense jungle” an oxymoron?”).  It was herbicidal warfare called Operation Ranch Hand.

The Vietcong (South Vietnamese communist insurgents) and invading communist North Vietnamese used the jungle fauna to hide from attacking American aircraft.  Agent Orange eliminated the fauna (defoliant) exposing the commies to attack by reducing their ability to hide.

When the United States military left South Vietnam the invading North Vietnamese communist army occupied abandoned USA bases.  Many of the bases were contaminate by the storage of Agent Orange.  During the past forty years the commie government has insisted the USA should pay for the cleanup. 

The United States government (President Barack Obama – Democrat) announced the USA will be giving the commies 43 million dollars to help clean up the containments.  In addition another 11 million dollars to help with disabilities in Vietnam not related to Agent Orange.  Huh?  That is correct the USA threw in an extra 11 million dollars for what must be “sugar money.” 

Ironically while announcing this gift to the enemy and USA Navy Vietnam War veteran is having difficulty get assistance from the Veterans Administration.  Navy Veteran Bill Sonntag experienced difficulty getting cooperation from the Veterans Administration for medical assistance.  Perhaps the USA government should have given Mr. Sonntag some of the 43 million dollars being wasted on the commies in Vietnam.
How about the USA get in return an account from Vietnam the nearly 1,200 POW – MIA / Prisoner of War, Missing in Action?  

Note:  Vietnamese attempted to sue the makers of Agent Orange, Monsanto Corporation and Dow Chemical.  However a US court threw the law suit out. 

Video based on three articles that appeared in The Dallas Morning News on August 9 and 10, 2012.   

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