Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sea Shepherd spending donated money 

Many people have donated millions, and millions of dollars to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society with Paul Watson (now fugitive Paul Watson) as the group’s “dear leader.”  Sea Shepherd’s Mission Statement reads in part:

“Our mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world's oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species.“ 

For all these millions of dollars have they been successful in saving the lives of the world’s ocean wildlife? 

Examine the “slaughter” and Sea Shepherd’s success: 

1 – “The Grind” in the Faroe Islands harvest whales that swim into their fjords.  Has this stopped?  NO.

2 – Capturing of Bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean Sea by Tunisia and Maltese fisherman.  Has Sea Shepherd been able to stop them?  NO.

3 – Harvesting of dolphins in Taiji, Japan.  Did Sea Shepherd’s “Gove Guardians” stop this?  NO.

4 – Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean each year.  Did Sea Shepherd stop these whaling voyages to the Southern Ocean?  NO.

5 – The murdering of sharks for only their fins in Central America.  Did Sea Shepherd stop this?  NO.  Not only did they not stop this, they ran when a military vessel was headed their way (some would say “cowards”).

So where has all these donated millions of dollars gone to Sea Shepherd?

Examine the wise use of donated money:

1 – It has been reported on The Dallas Blog that Paul Watson was paid $120,000 by the organization in 2010 or 2011.

2 – Sea Shepherd abandoned their vessel the Farley Mowat in Canada.  After abandoning this vessel their supporters purchased for them another vessel they called “the Steve Irwin.”

3 – The Steve Irwin was held by Scottish authorities for a 1.5 million dollar bond due to a pending law suit.  The group received the 1.5 million dollars in donations to free the vessel.  The Steve Irwin then sailed to the Faroe Islands to save whales and did not save one single whale. 

4 – Spent 1.5 million dollars to purchase the ADY GILL which soon collided with a Japanese vessel.  Then the damaged ADY GIL being towed by the Steve Irwin was let go to float or sink in the Southern Ocean according to Peter Bethune (former member of Sea Shepherd and on the Steve Irwin when this happened).

5 – To replace the ADY Gil supporters purchased another vessel named “Brigitte Bardot.”  During their 2011/2012 “Passing Wind” campaign (Sea Shepherd called it “Divine Wind”) the “Brigitte Bar” was severely damaged in a storm by a “Divine Wind.”

6 – Sea Shepherd’s “dear leader” Paul Watson was arrested in Germany due to an extradition request by the Costa Rican government.  To get Mr. Watson out of jail his supporters paid a bond of about $320,000.  He was released and placed under house arrest and ordered not to leave Germany while the extradition request was being considered.  Paul Watson left German and jumped bail, in essence forfeiting the $320,000 donated money to the German government.

This only covers the major waste of money during the past four years.  Sea Shepherd has a thirty-five year history of spending donated money. 

Now that their leader is a fugitive and on the run, more money is needed for legal fees, and to maintain his deserved lofty life style.  Some money may also be needed to bribe some government officials in cooperative nations to purchase asylum for the fugitive Paul Watson.

Mr. Watson wanted on three continents, by three nations,

Sea Shepherd’s Mission Statement:

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Anonymous said...

sea shepherd has tried to save the environment ... you cant say that they have wasted all the money