Monday, August 6, 2012

Fugitive Paul Watson on the run

Fugitive Watson on the run

Paul Watson the fugitive leader of Sea Shepherd is on the run after jumping bail in Germany.  Paul Watson is now a wanted criminal on three continents.  There is an extradition request filed by Costa Rica.  The Japanese have a warrant out for his arrest.  Plus he jumped bail in Germany leaving German authorities over $300,000 donated by his minions for his bail. 

Could fugitive Watson be on the Russian built icebreaker operated by the Germans: the MS Stephan Jantzen?  Rumored to have been purchased by “The Simpsons” co-creator Sam Simon and renamed “M/V Sam Simon.”  

If fugitive Watson is aboard this vessel would that make Sam Simon a felon for aiding and abetting a fugitive?  Anyone assisting this fugitive in his flight is also breaking the law.  What a lawless group of fugitives filled with self-righteous smugness hiding behind a façade of a mission. 

If you see this fugitive make no attempt to apprehend, notify local authorities.

W. I. W. = Where is Watson?
W. W. = Watson Wanted

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Whale Wars Fan said...

God Bless Paul Watson !

Anonymous said...

Pretty Sweet ship,hope SSCS give the japs hell!!

Anonymous said...

Sea shepherd supporters do not care about losing the bail money. Admiral Watson is far more valuable at sea doing what he does best.

Sea Shepherd will stop whaling.