Tuesday, August 7, 2012

People in India DEMAND a change in USA gun laws

People in India DEMAND a change in
USA gun laws

A low-life reprobate white supremacist went to a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin and murdered six people.  This horrible bum was later eliminated, shot dead by a policeman.  This repugnant behavior has no place in the 21st century or any century.  All Americans condemn what this murderer did.  Those who approve and claim to be American, are not American, they are citizens of a depraved, sub-human species not claimed or wanted by an surface nation. 

The Sikh religion seems to be predominate in the nation of India.  This massacre caused concern and outrage in India leading to anti-American demonstrations.  People burned American flags and blamed President Barack Obama. 

These protesters also demanded greater protection in the USA for Sikhs.  Sorry they get no more protection than any other religion in the USA unless there is a known threat.

They also demanded the USA enact stricter gun control laws.  To the people in India making such demands:  MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.  The gun control laws in the USA are the business of citizens in the USA, not people in India.  If you do not like USA gun laws, then stay out of America.  If you are a non-citizen in the USA and do not like our gun laws, then leave.     

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Anonymous said...

God bless Tony.

Anonymous said...

Ok you retard, a few facts :

1) Nobody in India wants to change US gun laws.

2) Sikhs form less than 2% of India's population
The Sikhs in USA were US citizens. So yeah you better take care of your own citizens properly? Or are you too racist to give them equal rights?

3) Indians did NOT burn the American flag.

4) India does NOT hold USA responsible for the attack , just the supremacist bastard.

5) I wish war-mongering dickheads in USA had the sense on NOT interfering in other country's matters. Papa don't preach