Saturday, August 11, 2012

Did Sea Shepherd purchase political asylum for their fugitive? 

Two South American nations will grant fugitive Watson political refugee status. 

Fugitive Watson’s situation will be presented to various Human Rights commissions / organization and slated to be placed on the agenda for the European Parliament.

Does one need further proof of the European Parliament being trivialized?  Is fugitive Watson following the footsteps of escaping Nazis who also purchased political asylum in South America?

Will the brave fugitive participate in Sea Shepherd’s “Operation Zero Tolerance” to take place in the upcoming Southern Ocean whaling season?  He claimed he will actively participate, but will he?  Remember during the last whaling season he sailed to Australia to escape the so-called Japanese security vessel trailing him.  He feared arrest and a free ocean voyage to Japan.

Now that there is an active arrest warrant for him by INTERPOL and three nations, will the brave fugitive risk being arrested in the Southern Ocean?  Hardly, he has a past history of running in fear. 

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