Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Environmentalists vs. drinking water

Environmentalists vs. drinking water

The city of San Francisco, California has always been known for their lunacy.  It is a city that keeps returning that Democrat Nancy Pelosi to Washington, DC as one of its representatives. 

Come this November on Election Day while the rest of the nation will be deciding the fate and future of the Republic, San Franciscans will also be deciding the faith of their water supply.  In Yosemite National Park, around 190 miles from the city a reservoir was building in 1923 (started in 1915) to supply the city with drinking water.

The O’Shaughnessy Dam in Yosemite created the Hetch Hetchy reservoir.   This reservoir has been providing water and electricity for people in San Francisco and California for eighty-nine years.  The lunatic wing of the environmental movement succeeded in getting a measure on the ballot drain the reservoir, remove the dam, and return the dam to its pre-dam condition. 

The plan is to remove the dam and research other methods to replace the water from the dam.  Not that the other sources have been located, no remove the dam while searching.  Typical behavior of these extreme liberals and lunatic environmentalists.  To this group humans are a scourge upon this planet.        

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