Sunday, August 5, 2012

Clothes for Paul Watson?

Clothes for Paul Watson?

Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson jumped bail from Germany and is now a wanted fugitive on three continents.  To illustrate the absurdity of his flight and blinded devotion by his minions, I have been using a puppet (dummy) to masquerade as the bail jumper.

A fan in Japan to help make the store-bought dummy look more like the dummy in flight made some clothes and paraphernalia to illustrate his predicament.  The package was sent to Shun, who in turn mailed them to me.

In the box:
1 – stripe prison uniform for the puppet
2 – stripe prison uniform hat for the puppet
3 – handcuffs for the puppet
4 – chain and ball for the puppet
5 – sailor hat with dollar sign for the puppet
6 – white wig for the puppet
7 – two sets of goatees for the puppet
8 – small stuffed blue whale
9 – traditional Japanese outfit for the puppet
10 – money for Sea Shepherd (play money)
11 – chocolate candy for me!

A big thank you to Hiromi “Smoky” for her generosity and kindness towards me and the dummy.

W. I. W. = Where is Watson?
W. W. = Watson Wanted

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