Saturday, August 4, 2012

Men protect the woman folk Aurora Colorado

Men protect the woman folk Aurora Colorado

While the murderer was killing people in the movie theater people ran, people hid, and people hit the ground.  There were reported incidents where men used their bodies to protect / cover their children, girlfriends, and wives.

This unselfish act by the men caused some in the media to be amazed at their courage, while others in the media ignored it.  These heroes were basically ignored because these were unselfish acts by men.  Men who genetically are the hunters, gathers, and protectors (so my knuckles are dragging on the ground). 

In current day politically correct America traditional and genetic roles of men are ignored if not attempted to reverse, but never must it be celebrated.  The perverts in Hollywood these past forty years through their movie indoctrination have been attempting gender reversal.  What happened in Aurora, Colorado was a demonstrated failure by Hollywood.

TV shows and movies portray women as strong, smart, brave, acrobatic, analytical, while showing men was weak, clowns, and clueless.      

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